Smartclient RestDatasource (ListGrid )using JAX-RS as JSON Data service

This is for beginners who likes to understand the smartclient RIA using JAVA as JSON service.

Smartclient LPGL version does not ship with smartclient server , so we need to manually create server side datasources for all of our Databound UI components.

Say I have downloaded the smartclient LPGL version from isomorphic website. Now I would like to add ListGrid  library to my web application. Here is sample grid we are going to build here. The tutorial application is hosted in Click here to access it




Here are the few things i did to make this work.

  • Create the RestDataSource with the JSON date format (id, structure fields, date format, data urls).
  • Create UI-controls (Data grid, add, remove and delete controls).
  • Create a JSON Webservice for the above CRUD Operations
  • Run it (download smart client sdk LPGL version and run example in an atachment).


The complete source code for this grid (UI) and Server side implementation(JAX-RS) for CRUD operations are available in the github here.





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