Barcode Generator in Java

I was asked to work on generating barcode labels for one of projects. I searched online and found many free java projects which would help me in achieving my task.

Here is the few i got via google search:


Finally i have decided to go with barcode4j as it is available under Apache Licence V2.

I have built a jar file using the source of barcode4j and kept it in a lib folder of my project.

As i am using Maven for building my project on heroku for a demo purpose,  I need to keep this jar locally , so that heroku build structure will be able to understand the local jar (barcode4j.jar).

I have followed the below steps to include the local jar in my  project in such a way that the maven build will make use of this library for solving dependencies.

I followed the above link for making available local maven dependencies.


The source code is available in the heroku git repository here

The live demo is available here